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5 Pages Website Personal or Business Profile will reach your customers 24/7/365 wherever they are, computer, phone or tablet.

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5 Pages Website Personal or Business Profile Packages details

  • Responsive website
  • 5 Page website
  • Colour branding
  • Home page slider
  • Mobile and tablet menu
  • Contact Form
  • Website Stats
  • XML Sitemap (SEO available additional costing More Information)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Content Management System included
  • Built in 7 working days - Note - depending on the availability of page content, images and other site related content availability to complete with in 7 days.

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What are the typical pages of a 5 Pages Personal Business Profile

There are a few standard pages that usually make up a simple website of around 5 pages. They obviously vary greatly depending on the function and use of the website but here’s a list of the most common pages used on a basic website:

  • The Home page is the main page of the website and should communicate what your website or business is all about while linking to other important pages of the website.
  • Many individuals and small businesses have an About page that gives an overview of the individual, company, or service that is represented on the website. It’s usually a good idea to have pictures to give a visual representation of the individual or business.
  • A Products or Services page is typically used to communicate the products or services being sold or provided. This is a critical page because it is a major decision point for the visitor where they will decide if the product or service being offered is a good fit for them.
  • Some website owners who need to display a number of pictures may have a separate Pictures page to organize and display pictures.
  • A Testimonials or References page is a great way to increase confidence in your product or service being offered. On this page, you can share testimonials or references from previous customers and clients.
  • For sites that generate a lot of questions, a Frequently Asked Questions page can be useful to answer the most common questions proactively.
  • A Contact page is critical to let people know how they can get in touch with you.

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